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Tara in one of her "one of a kind" signature costumes and hat.


my very special Herkimmer Diamond Crystal which always accompanies me

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Since 1991Tara, a professionally trained Tarot reader, naturally gifted intuitive and  a Certified Transformational Psychotherapist has entertained, enlightened and impressed literally thousands of clients with her  indepth Tarot consultations at the top Corporate events, private parties,trade shows and private personal readings in Toronto and surrounding area for clients of- The Granite Club, Holt Renfrew, Cirque du Soleil,York University, American Express, MacDonald's, Toronto Real Estate Board,  Rothschild's Canada among many, many others. see Client list.

At your event Tara looks the part - arriving with a unique style in one-of-a - kind costumes & hats. Using her 
Herkimmer diamond + crystals, psychic energy, Higher Guides and an extensive know-ledge of Astrology, Numerology, Symbols, Tarot, Psychology and Mythology, Tara's Tarot readings provide you with  indepth, fast and fascinating results.
Everyone always wants to know more about themselves. Don't you?
Tara's Tarot Consultations are what everyone wants. An interactive, fun, ALWAYS NEW enlightening experience that gives you  invaluable insights!
Tarot Consultations are suitable for all types, shapes and sizes of events. Corporate and private parties,and events: engagement parties, Weddings, girls nights, singles gatherings, Mitzvah's, birthdays, fundraisers, conferences and meetings, employee appreciation days, etc.
I am available by appointment for personal readings at my home in the Beaches area,  phone or email.
I can lead workshops in Interactive Tarot, Astrology, and Meditations in Toronto & surrounding areas.
If you hire me I'll travel almost anywhere gladly. Vegas? New York? California? Sedona?

Let TARA  impress you with her intuitive knowledge.

Tara predicts success.  Interviewed by  the Toronto Sun newspaper, for her prediction of the 2004 National Election outcome by columnist Mike Strobel Tara predicted a Liberal win. The pollsters were wrong.
"I always trust my cards." says Tara, to Toronto Sun Columnist, Mike Strobel on May 26th 2004 for "World Tarot Day"
for the "TAROT PHOBIC"
Tarot Readings are NOT scary. I have read Tarot for Bishop Strachan, a Catholic private girls school. There is nothing Spooky about it.
The Tarot originated as a pathway to Spiritual Illumination and is suitable for any group, all ages whatever the occassion, any time of year!  If you are "Tarot-phobic" I guarantee that I can remove that phobia once and for all!
book Tara now!
416- 461- 1999
Strolling Tarot readers in costume
will enliven your cocktails!

Tara, reading at Holt Renfrew, for La Mer Cosmetics,Toronto

Connecting to the Mystery

newspaper article -
Neapolitan front/Neapolitan archive 
Cocktails and predictions:
"Tarot cards add zing to the corporate party!"
Sunday, July 28, 2002
By MARIEE PILKINGTON, Columbia News Service
NEW YORK At this year's corporate party, Angelica Taranto, a secretary at Cravath, Swaine and Moore, made sure she got to the Rainbow Room early to beat the line. She knew from last year's get-together at the swank penthouse restaurant in midtown Manhattan that there would be a crowd all for the tarot card reader.
No longer the province of boardwalks and carnival booths, tarot card readers are popping up in the most unlikely places, among the gray suits and wine spritzers of the corporate party. To enliven the cocktails and hors d'ouevres atmosphere, corporate party planners have made tarot card readers a staple feature of the fun and games at these annual events.
"Maybe people wanted to know what to do with their fortunes," says Sasha Nanus, owner of a party planning company called Manhattan Performing Arts Co. While the caterers bring the food and drink, Nanus brings the goodies that make the party buzz: face painters, mimes, caricaturists, celebrity look-a-likes, string quartets or a circus depending on the occasion. Tarot card reading, she says, is a "constant and expected at parties."
Back in 1993 when the party scene started humming after the lean years at the end of the 1980s, Nanus first added four tarot card readers to her offerings. Today she employs 12. A typical lineup at a big corporate bash will consist of four readers, two caricaturists and then maybe celebrity look-a-likes or photographers taking digital pictures, she says. Her clients are a who's who of Manhattan's top companies, including the investment bank Goldman Sachs, the advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather and BlueCross BlueShield insurance.
Nanus finds her readers through word of mouth and, for the most part, they contact her. The readings last about 10 minutes, so the readers must be quick as well as knowledgeable. "To come and connect with a person in a short time," Nanus says, "that's a skill."
Tarot evolved from a group of 22 playing cards called tarocchi used in 16th century Italy that were added to an extant deck of 56. In the late 18th century, the French started using the cards for fortune telling. In today's tarot decks, the 22 cards are the trump cards with such fantastical illustrations of characters dubbed the Fool, the Devil, the Sun, the Lover and Death and the 56 cards, consisting of kings, queens, knights and knaves.
A reader will use a person's birth date to signal many of the predictions, adding the numbers from the month, day and year in a complex formula, the results of which correspond with particular cards in the deck. If the numerological deductions or the final number correspond to the Emperor and Death cards, for example, they represent organization and movement in the client's character and life.
Outside the party scene, a reading can last as long as two hours. Then the birth date is just a starting point. Following that, a reader will lay out four aces in an elemental array and the customer will put them in an order of visual preference and space them accordingly. Those choices, too, indicate something about the customer.
A reading should be surprising, interesting and logical as well as useful and entertaining and finally it should be true, says Wald Amberstone, a certified tarot grandmaster, who founded The Tarot School in New York with his partner, Ruth Ann Brauser. The key to any good reading, he says, is the type of question posed a question to which the answer will not be a yes or a no. Less of the "will I be rich?" variety and more "how should I proceed with my career?"
Some readers will make observations without asking questions and still make the predictions.
"He hit the nail on the head," says Michelle Kaufman, a secretary at Cravath. "He told me I had a controlling and domineering mother, and that's the truth."
The draw is easy to understand, says Joe Nickell, senior research fellow at the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, in Buffalo, N.Y. In the end, we are all interested in ourselves, he says.
But for most partygoers, a quick 10-minute session is just about perfect. "It's fun and free," Taranto says. "I wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on it."
Taranto asked her reader at this year's party if there would be children in her future. She was told she would be pregnant within the year. She's still waiting.
"You hope they tell you things you want to hear," Taranto says.
Mariee Pilkington is a May graduate of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University.


With fear,war and recession affecting the collective psyche as a whole, NOW more than ever we find ourselves in need of indepth help, a mirror, another perspective. 
Tarot is a marvellous tool, used for ages to gain  wholeness, helping to navigate through troubled times and to find the strength we need within ourselves to carry on in balance and Beauty.

Treat yourself to a personal Tarot reading! You deserve it. Tarot, Astrology and Numerology combined into a 3 in 1 unbeatable combination of resources.
Makes a great gift!

Find out what the Moon and Stars reveal for you in 2006.
Book an Astrological reading!
Be prepared for what lies ahead with incredible insights for the upcoming Year.  Astrology is superlative for timing of events. Used for individuals,relationships, and business.
"Millionaires don't use Astrologers, billionaires do."
Host aTarot or Astrology Party
Gather your friends,share refreshments, talk about your readings. Have fun, get Enlightening information.

contact me.
Mother's Day is eveyday!
Let's honour and celebrate mothers for giving birth to us, let's honour and celebrate the Earth, Mother of every living being on this planet which we all call Home.
The Earth is our Mother,she will take care of us
The Earth is our Mother, she will take care of us
Hey Yannah, Ho Yannah, Hey Yannah
Hey Yannah, Ho Yannah, Hey Yannah
Her Sacred ground we walk upon
with every step we take 2x's
The Earth is our Mother, we will take care of her
The Earth is our Mother, we will take care of her
Hey yannah, Ho Yannah, Hey Yannah
Hey Yannah, Ho Yannah, Hey Yannah
-Native American Chant





Toronto Life Recommends Tara,Tarot
Adult entertainment: grown-up attention getters
"Tara is a hit at most any function where she can indulge guests with talk of their favourite subject-themselves-dispensing cosmic insight through tarot card readings."
Tara Greene A fixture at the Gypsy Co-Op, where she does tarot readings most Saturday nights, Greene, who's been in the business since 1991, also appears at corporate and private parties, where she'll stroll about giving quick readings. With the help of an ephemeris (a book of astrological data) or a laptop, she can also do astrological readings. Its entertainment, but its also a serious guide to self-illumination, says Greene. $125 per hour. 416-461-1999.
See Tara's colour ad in 2005/6 Toronto Special Events Resource Directory p.297

Tara, Feb. 2005 at a Red Cross Benefit

Theme Parties-
Mystical Evenings, Astrological/Astronomical Theme, Psychic Parties, Harry Potter,  Meet your Match..anything!
One stop shopping for the best talents around!
i work with many other gifted Professional Tarot Readers-there are many different types;  
Palm Readers, Tea Leaf, Candle , Runes readers, Numerologists,  Crystal Ball Readings,
shoe & lipstick trace reader, Psychometrists, Astrologers,   Psychic Eye Reader, Aura Readers,  Dream Interpreters Certified Handwriting Analysts,Personality Profilers.
 "The Medium is the message." -Marshal McLuhan
I supply Professional Caricaturists, Magicians, Musicians, Face Painters, Henna Artists, Clowns, Balloon Artists, Mimes, Drummers, Human Statues, Greeters and Walk-Arounds in costumes, Marilyn and Elvis Impersonators, etc. Singers, TatoosD.J.'s, etc.
I can supply Massage, Reiki and Energy Healers for Spa Days, pampering events, office parties, corporate events and meetings.
I can supply Speakers on various topics:
I Recommend...
I recommend a minimum of 2 readers at an event. Everyone will line up for a Tarot reading, palm, astrology etc. Don't let your guests be disappointed.  Everyone wants to know about themselves. The more Mediums at your event the happier your guests will be. Guests can compare notes from various types of readers. A great ice breaker .
I guarantee you and your clients will be totally entertained and impressed by the services I offer.**
Why choose Tara for your personal, private or corporate event for Tarot readings, Astrology
in the Toronto area?
"I consider myself to be a professional at all levels.
I infuse my readings with all my energies, psychic, intuitive,spiritual,and practical. Whether a quick 5-7 minute reading at a corporate event,or an in-depth private reading focussing fully on you and all your questions. I endeavour to provide you with the best quality and service possible. I have been professionally trained and I am experienced"
"You're for Real!"-says a client
Tara appeared on "Mind Shift" CFRB RADIO 1010 Toronto hosted by Errol Bruce Knapp for over a year
until the show has been in hiatus.
I loved and still love doing live radio. So, if you were a listener or would like to hear more from Tara live on radio call the stations.
Tara has been a regular on "Mind Shift" since May 30, 2004 appearing monthly fielding Tarot answers alone and with Allan Grey Wolf and Nicki-"Psychic to the Stars"
Tara made her 2nd "appearance" on Mind Shift, Sunday June 27th, answering questions from phone-in callers from 10:00 pm to 11:30 pm.
The guests parlayed topics in many areas, world events, local events, prophesies, UFO's, origins of the Tarot, {the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band's hits} Astrological musings etc. Callers phoned in their questions. A great time was had by all.
Tara will be available to answer questions on "Mind Shift" on Sunday July 25th from 11:30 pm-1:00 am. Tune in, Call in on the Day Out of Time.
Tara was on "Mind Shift" Feb. 26th 2005 from 8:00 -9:00 pm answering callers queries from Toronto and from as far away as Maryland. From 9:00-10:00 callers from Montreal tuned in.
Tara will be on "Mind Shift"  Saturday Night  on April 16th 2005. 8:00-9:00 pm. Answering your questions using the Tarot. Tune In!
Tara predicts success. In the Toronto Sun newspaper her prediction of a Liberal win was correct for the National  Election. The pollsters were wrong.
"I always trust my cards." says Tara, to Toronto Sun Columnist, Mike Strobel on May 26th 2004 for "World Tarot Day"