About Tara



Red Rock Crossing, Sedona Arizona where Tara lived in 87-88 and still connects to the magical vortex


A Toronto native, with authentic Roumanian Gypsy heritage,
Tara graduated with Honours and a Scholarship from the Ontario College of Art and Design {Experimental Arts}and served as an assistant teacher. She has shown her videos, photography, drawings and paintings at Art Galleries in Canada and the U.S. and received Ontario and Canada Council Arts Grants.

Tara, {with first husband Larry Eisenstein} created, designed and managed their own crafts business "Pinco" for 12 years.
The very1st street vendors on Queen Street in 1978, they received much publicity displaying their hand made miniature painted pins on an  ironing board. The much collected and adored cat pins sold at the One of a Kind Craft Show, To. for many years, as well as in Art Gallery Gift Shops in the U.S. and at the Beverly Hills Arts & Craft Show in L.A. 1987.

Psychic since a child, and having visions and dreams of the Future, at 17 Tara bought her first Tarot deck and read voraciously about mysticism, symbols and psychology.
Psychologist Dr. Tana Dineen, using the Tarot as a legitimate psycho-therapeutic tool became Tara's first Tarot teacher in 1990.  Further instruction came from Tarot master Joseph Peidelstein.
Tara has a Diploma in Transformational Counselling from the Lifespace Institute, Toronto,1993. Tara attended many psycho-therapeutic, arts therapy and spiritual workshops with notables such as; Starhawk, Gabrielle Roth, Marion Woodman, Richard Bandler, John Bradshaw, Carol Pearson, Shaun McNiff etc. in the late 80's and '90's to further her knowledge and personal growth.
Tara began participating in monthly Goddess/Wiccan priestess gatherings in 1985 with her friend,herbalist Edda West. They co-led "Wild Women's Wilderness Retreat" in 1989 in Haliburton. 
In 1987 Tara was initiated as a "Green Witch" at Susun Weed's organic/goat retreat in Woodstock, New York.
In 1989, Tara  met, and became an apprentice to Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of The Invitation. Tara completed four Vision Quests, participated in Shamanic healing ceremonies,  workshops,  sweat lodges, and Moon Lodges, in the Twisted Hair tradition of Ceremonial Sweet Medicine Teachings.

Tara loves travelling {guess which sign she is} and has visited many ancient sites at Stonehenge, Venice, Egypt, Crete, Istambul, Lebannon, and Israel.  Tara spent days in a locust storm in Timbuktu, while trekking across the Sahara Desert.  She worked on a kibbutz next to Gaza, Israel in 1976. Tara has also spent time among the Mayans,in the Yucatan,Belize and El Salvador. Tara felt called to go to Sedona, Arizona in 1986 and lived there from 87-88 and participated in the First Harmonic Convergence there on Aug.16-17 1987. 
Tara leads Dream workshops, and has appeared on TVO's Imprint on a panel on Dreams in 1993.  Since 1989 Tara has led several Women's Spirituality Workshops. Tara loves to sing and is currently producing CD's of meditations,chants and visualizations.

In 1997, Tara and her husband, artist Napoleon Brousseau www.brewsoul.com  went to Death Valley California to do a Spring Equinox Ceremony and to pray and do a "give-away" Ceremony for the conception and birth of their child. Within two months Tara and Napoleon conceived "Leah" whose name had been foretold to Napoleon in a dream. Leah was born safely at home with four midwives in attendance in Feb 1998 with her huge blue eyes wide open. Tara also has a son, Elijah Eisenstein,22.  Currently, we live in on the West end of The Beaches area of Toronto.
My Purpose in Tarot 

I love working with the Tarot. I feel honoured to be able to connect with my clients in such an indepth way,and to assist them on their path.
I believe that YOU allready have all the answers, the answers are held within your unconscious or  Higher Consciousness. I honour your intelligence, integrity and process. The synchronicity of the shuffling of the Tarot cards, co-mingling with your heart and mind's intent creates a pure mirror of your Unique Inner Process, of the Divine energies working with you at the time of the Reading.
I merely serve to interpret the Tarot cards,  as a dream, a myth, a story, knowledge which enables YOU to become aware and consciously choose what supports your greatest growth and potential.
Tarot is not intended to replace psychotherapy. I am not responsible for the outcome you choose from advice given during a reading.

Tara, Napoleon, Leah and "Rosepetal"