About Private Readings
I offer private readings from my home office located on the West End of the Beaches area near Ashbridges Bay.

Please book an appointment  by phone 416 461 1999 or email.


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A private reading is usually 1 hour long. The Tarot reading is taped and includes a 3 step process,dialogueing with the cards that come up in the various parts of the readings leading to a final conclusion.  A Tarot reading is a process, a map of your iner psyche, the Archetypes/ Angels working with you at the time of the reading,assisting you to grow. Often clients are apprehensive about "bad cards" or the Death card. There are no bad cards, the cards show situations which point to what you need to be aware of. The Death card pertains to change, transformation, letting go of old situations. death exists in Life at every moment. For example, when a woman gives birth to a child, she dies to her old identity as a single person. The same with a marriage, it is a new life, a new commitment, a new unity of two becoming one, and a death to the participants old single nature. A reading includes your Numerology derived from your birthdate, the Numer or numbers governing your current year as well as a brief look at your current Astrological transits.
I always trust that the cards absolutely show exactly what you need to know about at the time. A forecast lasts 6-9 months generally. The key to any good reading, is the types of questions posed, a question to which the answer will not be a yes or a no. Less of the "will I be rich?" variety and more "how should I proceed with my career?"

I also do tarot readings via email. Here is a sample reading.


Card # 1. The Significator: You, now- the 10 of cups -

This card indicates that you are feeling happy and satisfied right now, your cups runneth over. You are radiating fulfillment and harmony.  Affirmation: Life gives me all I need to be happy.


Card  # 2. What is Influencing you, what you are Receptive to - the 4 Wands- 

Spiritual power in a balanced way. The circle is full and complete. You are entering a new creative phase in your life and relationships.  Affirmation: Completing things makes me free for new beginnings.


Card # 3. The Integration Card: The Hanged Man, Major Arcana Card # 12

The Hanged Man shows that you need to surrender your ego, your hang ups. You cannot avoid seeing the Truth anymore.You must trust emotionally that the Universe is taking care of it for you, no need to fight and struggle. Things don't look the way you expected them to but Trust. Affirmation: I let go, realise, follow and accept the Divine will in my life revealing itself to me step by step.


Card # 4. What is Conscious: The Aeon, or Judgement,  Major Arcana Card # 20 

This card is the card of rebirth. Let go of your of judgements, by letting go of prejudice, means to pre-judge about your self, your limitations, someone else, your situation, you allow yourself to be free, reborn, with new energy, integrity and spirit. The Aeon card point to a need for well thought out judgement of the situation. All parts of you must be included in this process. You need to see things from a higher perspective. What judgements are you holding onto that are limiting you from being free? Affirmation: The more I know that I don't know, the closer I am to the Divine.


Card # 5. What's in your Unconscious: The Empress, Goddess or Great Mother, Major Arcana # 3 The Empress, is the Great Fertilizing and Birth Giving Mother of All. She is the foundation in this reading.  You nuture and give form to Beauty in all its manifestations. You are a fount of Love and harmony. You embody the Goddess as Venus, giver of Love.  Your family,and children are the bedrock of your life. You are beautiful and strong and surround yourself and others with beauty, you walk in Beauty, you surround yourself in Beauty. What are you pregnant with deep within yourself? What part of you is waiting to be born? What new creations are you about to bear?  

Affirmation: I am filled with power,Beauty and Love.I joyously give birth to the new.


Card # 6. The Past. - the 8 of Cups,

8's are connected to the principles of courage and self-esteem:

The 8 of Cups shows tiredness, exhaustion. Giving too much of yourself and not receiving equal energy in return. The need to consider yourself a little more. You need to go deep within yourself to regenerate your energies. Don't give your emotions where they will not be received well.

Affirmation: I love myself and open myself to receive equally in return.


Card # 7. Environment, Outer Self: - 8 Wands

You express your energies creatively once you have found a focus. You dynamically release your inspirations and idealism towards a goal with assurance that you will succeed. Your enthusiasm can sweep people off their feet. Freedom of speech and personal expression is vital to you, then your imagination can flow unchecked. You are involved with lots of networking and communications. There needs to be clear communications and thinking that is connected to the big picture, higher aspirations, expansion. Travel, education, inspirational communication is where you are headed.  Affirmation: My openess and self-confidence opens the hearts of those I love.


Card # 8. Inner Self, Home: - 5 Disks

-all 5's are connected to teaching, learning and challenges;

You are worried about a physical situation, money or health. You are stuck, challenged or frustrated. This card's gift is to help you to progress towards your goals. The key is to get in touch with your Higher Self , Guardian Angel, then you will know what to do.  Affirmation: I am getting my life in order.


Card # 9. Hopes and Fears Position: Prince of Disks- Taurus

You are hard working on manifesting all the riches of the physical plane.  You stick to schedules, are obstinate, and take great pleasure in luxury, sensuality, beauty, the arts and music. You need to harness your physical energy. You are building your financial goals, and tools surely and steadily. You are afraid of change.  The Prince of Disks symbolizes a youthful masculine energy. In the hopes and fears position this signifies that you love what you do and are afraid to lose it. The question is, "Is my work totally satisfying to me? "


Card # 10. the Future: Death, or ReBirth, Major Arcana # 13, Principle of Life Force and Realization.

The Death card is nothing to be afraid of.  It is a card signifying Rebirth. With every birth there is also a death. For example when a woman gives birth to a child, she dies to her old nature as a single person.  In the context of this reading your future  is about to change dramatically and a new life beginning. Death as the symbol of Scorpio is about regeneration, power. What do you need to let go of, to change in order to realize your power?

Affirmation: I live life to the fullest. I am most powerful when I can let go.



You are about to be born anew, parts of you are emotionally and physically exhausted and stuck. You need a vacation, a renewal time, a change of perspective. You are a very hard worker and afraid to slow down. You are strong willed and dynamic, very focussed on the physical plane. You must learn to let go. There may be health issues looming if you don't slow down. Allow yourself to create a new direction in your life. You are going to be 50. A whole new life is starting.