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THE STAR image from the THOTH deck, the one I use the most, combines Egyptian, Cabbalah, myths and Astrological symbols in a beautiful way. I love this deck and get many inquiries about it.
The Star card shows the Goddess, personified as Isis, or the planet Venus, She unites the "as above so below" Hemetic maxim. She represents the Astrological sign Aquarius and its' ideals of Univesal love, and vision. She links us to our Higher Selves. The Ancients believed that every man and woman was linked to their own star. She represents that link.
Make a wish on a star everyday. Believe in your dreams.
About the Tarot
The origins of the Tarot are shrouded in myth and mystery. Some say it came from Egypt where the Initiated wanted to preserve the mystical and occult Initiatory knowledge which is the origin of Tarot in a symbolic  pictorial form.
I believe the Tarot originated in its presently recognizable form after the burning of the great ancient wonder of the world, the Library of  Alexandria.
Modern research suggests that Tarot evolved from a group of 22 playing cards called tarocchi used in 16th century Italy that were added to an extant deck of 56. In the late 18th century, the French started using the cards for fortune telling. In today's tarot decks, the 22 cards are the Trumps or major cards illustrating archetypes like the Fool, the Devil, the Sun, the Lover and Death etc. The 16 Court cards still appear partially in everyday playing card decks as kings, queens, and jacks.  The four element cards,1-10 are similar to ordinary cards as well.
The Journey always begins with The Fool.
The Fool is the symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. An androgynous figure represents the Soul about to step  into the Abyss into Human Form. The Fool represents the end and the beginning of everything. The sacred Zero of eternity is also the master number 22 of enlightenment. The Fool is the wisdom of the Child Archetype living in the eternal moment, trusting, innocent with no expectations, totally alive in the Now.

Medieval Fool

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Early Tarot Fool

1500's Chariot Trump Card

Another Early Tarochi Fool Image 1500's