Rainbow Vision Meditation Activation

March 22 2004
The time has come for me to speak of a vision that we desperately need to begin to work with NOW! and continue to work with together.
The Rainbow Peace Bridge Vision
During a two week Vision Quest in Northern Ontario in 1990 a vision came to me in the middle of the afternoon while meditating after a sweat lodge ceremony.

This was the Vision
A line of men and women of different races and colours standing facing each other and side by side a great long line of couples, stretching off into the distance.
The men and women are standing eyes closed opposite each other meditating. From the tops of their heads streams a bridge of light comprised of the colours of the rainbow and of course of their chakras. They are each pair united from their crown chakras, their heads with this Rainbow Bridge of Light.
I am shown that these men and women, the balance of the opposites, form and embody the Rainbow Bridge and that this is the vision of the 144,000 individuals needed to create,embody, hold and share the enlightened spiritual energy which is necessary to shift the consciousness of the whole world.
I am told that I am one of them and I must alert and unite with the others who are aware enough to hold this energy. I ask that you begin to work with this meditation.
The Meditation
First breathe out clear out your ususal daily consciousness. Relax,. let go of all stress and thoughts, slowly.... Centre yourself in your breath. Breathe out all the stress. Imagine that your breath goes down your spine in to the earth and below the earth's surface. Go past the rocks, the strata down as deep as your imagination will go, down to the centre of the iron ore crystal burning at the centre of the earth, feel the molten lava, the heart flame of the Earth.
Spensd as much time as you want to with Mother Earths' Heart. Direct your attention, breath and energy back up drawing with your breath the Earth's energy into your body through the soles of your feet into the base of your spine.
We will connect with and open each of the rainbow colours of your chakras now. Let go, go deeper into relaxation, surrender totally to the vision.
At the base of your spine,your root chakra, the perineum, visualize the colour red, vibrant pulsating blood red. Feel the chakra or energy centre here as a moving undulating ball of red light. The 1st chakra is connected to survival,sexuality. Eastern religions see the chakras as flowers or lotuses, see and feel the red rose of the 1st chakra opening and blooming.
Now bring your attention and breath up into your womb space, whether man or woman everyone has a spirit womb, a creative container within. The 2nd chakra's energy is orange, it is your creative energy centre. See vivid orange poppies blooming, or see an orange spinning in your womb space.
Now bring your attention and breath up to your 3rd chakra, your navel, or a couple of fingerwidths below. This is your "hara." or will centre. This is where your will connects you out to the wider universe. It is bright yellow like the Sun. Feel the Sun's warmth, light and life giving energy here. Radiate yellow rays out into the space around you. See yellow lotuses, roses,or chrysanthemums blooming here.  feel your strength here.
Now bring your attention up to your 4th chakra. This is your heart chakra, where love resides in your breast and where love outflows from. It is the colour green,emerald green like nature. Love, peace, spasciousness, feel yourself surrounded by love in space around you and within you. See a beautiful emerald jewel in your heart. See your heart connected to all of the natural growing world, to Mother Earth.The Tibetans view this chakra as blue,like the sky or space.
Bring your attention to to your 5th chakra your throat centre. This is a power centre, of speech, of communication. It's colour is blue saphire blue. Feel your throat open,let out sounds, roar,growl,sing, express. Feel the power you have to speak your truth connected to your heart. See beautiful blue lotuses, daisies
or a blue lake opening here. Let your voice flow unimpeded.
Bring your attention to your 6th or Psychic chakra. Your psychic center or 3rd eye is located midbrow. It is where your pineal gland is activated from. Your etheric body leaves and enters from this spot. It is lavender purple, like an amethyst crystal. Sense the pulsating energy here. It is from this spot that your
consciousness, your spirit body flies free anywhere to any dimension without constrait of "time"or space. See purple flowers bloom here.
Then move to the very top of your head, your Crown chakra. It is here where your soul moves in and out of your bidy. This is where you connect to the Heavens, to Christ consciousness, the Sun, the Stars, the Higher Masters and Angels. It is pure white Light, diamond light. Visualize the top of your head as open, a receptive funnel for the downpouring of all clear cosmic energies. When we are all born this chakra is still open as we have just entered the Earth plane from the spirit world. To the Tibetans this is the diamond head, the clear white Light of purity, like a thousand petalled lotus.
Because of the events of the assassination in Israel of the Hammas leader and because of the Mayan prophecies which stated a year ago that if a war was begun then, exactly a year ago, that it bodes ill for world war. Many many prophesies Hopi, Mormans, etc. back this up.
We are in a Universal Six year, a year of "As above so Below", a year of balance, the 6 is the Balance in the Tree of Life, it is The Lovers in the Tarot.
On Nov 8th 2003 a huge meditation based on the Heavenly Portents of a rare six pointed Star of David fomed by the planets Mars, Saturn,Jupiter, Chiron the Sun and the Moon on a Lunar Eclipse seemed to clear the Cosmic Airwaves for some months.
 The country with the Six Pointed Tantric Star, or Star of David on its flag is Israel. We ought to be sending our intentions of Peace for the World to Israel especially, to Ariel Sharon,to George Bush, to Osama Bin Laden and Yasser Arafat. These leaders and religious fanatics might be the cause of world destruction, so we must send them a rainbow of Love.
In addition our beautiful Mother Earth needs our Love. The environmental dammage that we-yes you and I have already incurred on the world through our misuse of the Earths' natural resources, her oil, minerals, the air and the oceans. Through our daily sleepwalking and consent to live in such a way that greed,envy, power-over, abuse, gluttony, debasement of women and children and men, of other races, peoples, cultures continues in this unbridled fashion.
I ask you look around. I see that all we hear, see smell and tastes is fear, toxins, power without respect, greed run by the Drug Companies, the war Machine, the Media, the Corporations, the I.M.F. the S.U.V.'s  the Conglomerates, where everything is based in plastics, oil, branding. I see that e we are being bombarded daily with microwaves, cel phone pollution,the list goes on and on, with violence manufactured by the media, television encouraging the crumbling of a workable society, where democracy is a joke, where 95%of the American people don't belive their government represents them anymore. George Orwell was right, 1984 did happen in its place and time. The Brave New World of Aldous Huxley is here. Everything you were taught is a lie. It's time to wake up and reach into your hearts and stop agreeing to live in this insane way. Organized Religion is a hoax.  The Catholics, the Jews,the fanatics of Muslim. This is just plain patriarchal power over games, for thousands of years people have been slaughtering each other in the name of  their "God." It's plain to see this is only power plays for land, money and control of others. We have created this vision collectively of our world and its up to us to grow up and take responsability for this mess.
So I call upon each one of you who is aware, awake to begin to do this meditation. Sit in front of your loved one and chant "Ohm" the Universal Sound. Send your attention to your root chakra, the energy centre at your perineum, go through all the chakras. If you are alone visualize your etheric double, or Beloved, visualize someone you love, visualize your equal and opposite polarity partner and connect through a Rainbow Bridge of Light to the other. Hold that energy, intend that it flow unimpeded through you and your "other" and that you be united by the Rainbow Bridge allways.
On Saturday the 20th the Vernal Equinox, the balance of Day and Night, the Masculine and Feminine forces occured. The Sun moving into the zero degree of Aries point in the Tropical Calendar marks Spring. We also experienced a New Moon later that same day. An ancient Gateway of power, new energy and symbolic spiritual and martial forces enter the cosmic drama.
I feel the time is now, for each one of us to WAKE UP! "Time is running out!"
I just heard Neale Donald Walsch proclaim in Toronto at the beginning of March. James Twyman is in Baghdad stageing Peace Demonstrations, and 6,000 drummers just drummed in Mexico on Sunday for Peace.

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