Galactic Centre Radio Image Heart of our Galaxy

Transmission From The Galactic Centre June 10 06
Things will be heating up. Literally, what your seeing you now in terms of the weather changes increases exponentially over the next 5 years.
It will be in the '60's in the SOuthern U.S. in the summer. In the '50's in the mid-section and into the '40's in the northern states and southern Canada. Most plants will be burnt up. Dustbowls. Food will be a major issues, and water.
You have collectivelly chosen to create this scenario because you have chosen to remain largely asleep. The climate changes are to help you to wake up. People are not taking this seriously enough.
Forget "conspicuous consumption" when you can't go outside. This isn't new news. It's been foretold for many years now and by many indigenous cultures.
You must remember who you really are.
Everyone is existing in diffeent dimensional wavebands and have always been. But now this is changing. Over the next 5 years will see the most stupendous changes ever. It won't be easy or pretty because of your own choices. You are the co-creators of your reality.
You could make it easier and prettier. You could make it the most awesome world, with all the best that human consciousness can offer.
You are Star Beings.
The conjunction with the Galactice Centre broadens the waveband.
Poeple will be oscillating at higher speeds of density. They will literally be reverberating at higher and more aware frequencies. Your body will seem like a piece of Swiss cheese, full of holes, fragmenting, breaking up, as new dimensional octaves are reached. Your Starlight will be visible.
The most sensitive among you are feeling this now. The inability to sleep, headaches. dizzyness, this is all part of the raising of your vibrational key signature. Everything begins to morph into something else, merging and expanding beyond limitations which have been in place for thousands of years.
You must be focussed, so focussed, not missing a detail. For example-someone missed a letter in the word Stars a few years ago the original intention was To Get Stars-to get Starry eyed, incorporate more Star-light ness and instead they got SARS-a lung virus which killed a few people around the world.
It's like that joke about the Pope. The Pope goes to Heaven and he has time to do some reading and research in the Halls of Learning and History and he finds a document saying "All Catholic priests need to celebrate. And the Pope goes "Oh. NO! Oh my God, I can't believe it. They mistranslated it, they left out the "r".
I think you get the message. You don't need to do it through pain, killing and suffering, guilt, remorse, regret, loneliness, fear, hatred.
You don't need to learn through pain but through joy and beauty. Buy more art. Plant more trees! Dance, sing, make love, be kind. Feel the truth, feel the truth beneath the mud, mirk and karmic slime built up over hundreds of lifetimes. Forget vendetas and vengeance.
Take a chance, beyond all hope. Don't forget your dreams. Pay attention to your dreams fuel your dreams. Be The FOOL. That's where you started from and to where you'll return, be innocent, trusting and happy to be. Share your love. Be kind. You are so much greater than you think you are.
You are inter-connected to everyone else and to everything else in the Galaxy, from the rocks, plants, insects, animals, the earth and to every other human and non-human life form. What you do to anything else you are doing to yourself.
Cancer which is escalating all over your planet is a metaphoric living symbol of what you are doing to your own atmosphere, your air, your water, the earth, to each other.
You are living out of harmony with yourself, and not truly co-existing.
You have isolated yourselves from the living centre which beats in your chest, in your breast.
There are angels and helpers, Master Teachers, available to help you.
Forget everything that you have been taught. Unravel the tangles in your mind. Open your mind. Think higher, get the big picture.

June 13th 2006
it's late. I was reading some excellent information about how to contact the Galactic Centre. I read about Star Elixers, I want 'em all. I got myself prepared, put on my special necklace which people come up to me and tell me is a portal.
Put on my specially made aromatherapy essence on all 13 chakras. I go outside, I see something shoot through the sky and think what was that? a bird?
I centre, smoke a cermeonial cigarette, and ask to release all my resistance from past present and future, and to hear be guided by and open to the Galactic Centre.
I am transported to Egypt instantly and am dressed in golden flowing linen robes, my arms are upraised it is night, by the Nile and I am invoking the Star Sirius and thanking them for the annual flooding of the Nile, I am transported to the Great Pyramis and sit inside the Secret Chamber.